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.. Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships

One of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) central themes is the cultivation of partnerships between businesses, institutions and individuals in the public and private sectors. As black public administrators endeavor to address critical issues and pressing concerns impacting state and local governments, the need to explore mutually beneficial, cooperative relationships with private institutions becomes increasingly important. The Savannah Metropolitan Chapter’s Corporate Advisory Council provides a unique forum in which corporate executives and public executives can come together to explore and test innovative solutions to important challenges. Through these partnerships, both government and private industry reap significant benefits, including the opportunity to seek cooperative solutions which may improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Coastal Georgia South Carolina and the Savannah Metropolitan Region. The NFBPA Savannah Metropolitan Chapter Corporate Advisory Council was established to assist the Savannah Metropolitan Chapter of NFBPA through several key roles:

a. A forum for corporations to communicate with decision-makers,
b. The enhancements of public-private cooperation to force solutions to challenges in Coastal Georgia, South Carolina and the Savannah Metropolitan area,
c. An opportunity for corporations to showcase products and services, and,
d. The development of resources to carry out the NFBPA mission.

Benefits of Business Participation:
The NFBPA seeks to forge a partnership between the public and private sectors. Local, county and state government decisions continue to affect the business community. Building codes, tax laws, safety and environmental regulations, procurement rules, and the available workforce all influence business success. Increasingly, black public administrators play major roles in executing the public policy decisions that affect both our business success and personal lives. Through NFBPA Savannah Metropolitan Chapter Corporate Advisory Council membership, corporate representatives are able to:

a. Gain visibility among an impressive membership of strategically positioned government decision-makers.
b. Get to know senior black officials from more than 25 different jurisdictions.
c. Take advantage of unique opportunities to showcase products and services used by local governments.
d. Gain a forum for articulating their views and needs to public sector decision-makers.
e. To form strategic partnerships around critical issues impacting the day-to-day operations of state and local governments.
f. Interact with other corporate members and explore strategic opportunities.

NFBPA Business Membership Dues Categories:
• EXECUTIVE (Platinum) - $5,000
• MANAGEMENT (Gold) - $3,500
• ADMINISTRATIVE (Silver) - $2,500
• PROFESSIONAL (Bronze) - $1,500
• INTERN (Contributor) - $500
• PATRON (Below $500)

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